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Learning Challenge

Did Robin Hood Shop at Tesco?

Final week



To celebrate the end of term, think about the amazing things you have achieved this year, and the things you have enjoyed the most. 

Do you have any targets you would set yourself for the next school year? 





Homework Project

Over the weeks we would like you to design and make your own Robin Hood inspired bow and arrow. You can choose whatever materials you like or have around your house. 


Then, we would like you to write or draw instructions to show how you have made it. (This is so Miss Hyde can try your method). 


We look forward to seeing your projects towards the end of term. 


Below are some pictures to inspire your designs. 


Robin Hood and Little John became great friends. What do you think makes a good friend? Draw yourself and label the different things you do to be a good friend. 


When Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest, he still had to look after himself and keep himself clean. He might have washed in the river instead of having a sink. Compare this to how you look after yourself. How do you keep yourself clean and healthy? 




Experiment with different musical instruments on screen or listen and appraise songs that are already made. The choice is yours. Click the link below to begin. 

Design and Technology

If you were Robin Hood or Maid Marian, what would you wear? Design your own outfit and label what materials you would use. Think about camouflage, so the Sheriff of Nottingham doesn't see you! 



This week we are looking at the points of a compass. This helps us to describe position and direction of different places. There is a little phrase to help us remember.






Never  Eat   Shredded   Wheat


Watch the song below to help you remember the compass points. 

Where do the instructions take you in the town? 

Create your own map for a family member. Try and make it Robin Hood themed. Could you draw the Major Oak, Robin Hood, The Sheriff of Nottingham? 


This week, we are learning about weather patterns. Robin Hood didn't live in a house, so we need to keep an eye on the weather and what shelter he would have needed!


Look out of your window or when you go for a walk at the weather each day for a week. Record the weather using symbols and key words. Below is an example of how you could record this. 

Robin Hood lived in Nottingham and his hideout was in Sherwood Forest. He had a band of merry men, and his best friend was Little John. He loved Maid Marian, and he didn't like Prince John. Robin was thought to have robbed from the rich to give to the poor.  Some people think this happened a very long time ago, but others believe it is just a story. 


What else can you find out about Robin Hood? 


Activity One

Create your own information poster about Robin Hood. Draw a picture of what you think he looked like in the middle and write your facts around it. 


Activity Two

Make your own wanted poster. Do you think Robin should be captured or the Sheriff of Nottingham? Draw a picture of who you would like people to find. Describe how they look and what they have done. How much reward money would you give? 

Major Oak - Sherwood Forest

Art and D&T

Robin Hood's Hideout!

Activity Three

Use different art materials to create your own picture of the Major Oak. You could use paint, crayon, pencil, felt tips, garden materials such as leaves, grass, recyclable materials. 


Activity Four

Build your own Major Oak using toilet roll tubes, cardboard and paper. If you have string, you could use this to help get a basket of food up to Robin in the tree.