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Learning Challenge

Welcome to summer 2 where our learning challenge topic this half-term is 'What makes a great Pharaoh?' 


So I ask you this... What is a Pharoah? If you are unsure go ahead and google it now! What do you think our topic will be about?


You guessed it... Ancient Egypt! This is my favourite topic of the year, it's so much fun and super interesting and I know you'll love it too!


Task 1

Where is Egypt? Using google maps and images go and locate Egypt on a map. Which continent is it in? What is the capital city of Egypt? What is the main river that flows through Egypt? What is most of the land made up of in Egypt?


Task 2- look at the images of daily life back in ancient Egypt, what do you think is happening in each picture? Check the answers on page 1.

Now you are clear on some of the daily activities of the ancient Egyptians, create a similar and different table to compare to our lives today. For example, a similarity would be that we also play board games like the Egyptians are doing in the last picture. A difference would be that although we still grow crops on farms, now we use machines to farm the fields like a combine harvester.


Think of as many as you can and add them to your table.

similarities differences
We play board games now like the Egyptians played Senet. We use machines to pick crops most of the time like a combine harvester.


Task 3- read the information about Egyptian homes and then label the picture of the Egyptian home. If you don't have a printer just point and discuss where you think each part of the home is.

Activity 4

Watch the videos about Ancient Egyptian daily life. Make notes as you go along so you don’t miss any important information. Discuss with someone or write down 2 things similar to our lives today and 2 things different.



Get into the Egyptian spirit and have a go at making Egyptian flat bread with just a few real simple ingredients. Make sure you ask an adult to help you!

Task 5

Today you are going to be learning all about Egyptian pyramids! Below are links to two class clips on the pyramids what they were and why they were built. Make notes on the videos as you are watching.  Look at how they were built, who built them/slaves/what they were used for – burial, what was inside to protect them in the afterlife. 


Your task is to design your own pyramid that is fit for a King or Queen. Think about the things that a pyramid needs to have inside. How many chambers/ tunnels it needs and the layout of your pyramid. Label your pyramid and explain what materials you will use to build it and why. 



  • entrance
  • tunnels
  • burial chamber in the heart of the pyramid
  • other secret rooms for treasures
  • a trick room or chamber to stop grave robbers?

Here is a basic blue print of the inside of an Egyptian pyramid

Task 6

Watch the video and answer the questions below.


What do Egyptians believe heaven to be like?

What is the ‘book of dead’ used for?

What would you want your Egyptian heaven to be like?

Why did they hire mourners and what did they do?

What is the ‘opening of the mouth’ ceremony?

What happens to the soul in the afterlife?

Task 7

Read the information on Tutankhamun and create an information poster or booklet about the boy king. Make sure you include lots of facts. If you want more information there is lots of it available on google. 

View the presentation and look at the information sources to help you create your information poster/booklet.