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Learning Challenge - The Greeks

Ancient Greeks!


Welcome to this half term's topic on the Ancient Greeks! This is a great topic with loads of interesting things to learn about which I'm sure you'll enjoy! Maybe you already know some Ancient Greek facts? Some key areas of learning during this topic include:

  • Olympic Games
  • Greek Gods and Goddesses 
  • Greek myths
  • Greek art
  • Food tasting
  • Trojan War
  • Battle of Marathon


To get started, we'd like you to have a go at a creative project on the Olympic Games!

The Olympic Games started in Greece and there's loads of websites and information out there telling you about how it started, what happened etc. 


Research as much as you can on how the Olympic Games was founded all that time ago in Greece and gather as much information as you can about it. You could make a presentation from what you've learned on PowerPoint, a poster or however you'd like.  Maybe you could even record yourselves presenting what you know and send it to us! If you like art and crafts maybe you could try making some objects that the Greeks had to represent the Olympics or anything you think would be suitable. Be as creative as you can there's not correct way to create your presentation just do it however you'd like. 


The project doesn't have to be finished until near the end of term so you have several weeks to gather your information including what we will be learning throughout the topic.


We can't wait to see your projects! Good luck researching and presenting :) 



Purple Mash


There are lots of activities linked to the Ancient Greeks for you to do on Purple Mash. You can find out about Greek food, Olympic games, children, clothing and so much more. There are some Greek myths for you to read and some painting activities too.


We look forward to seeing your work.

Design your own Ancient Greek pottery!


By now you should have a good idea who the Ancient Greeks were, information about the Olympic Games and key events in the Ancient Greek era. You'll have learned that Ancient Greek pottery often represented events in the Olympic Games. Have a look at some examples below:

Greek Pottery Examples

Have a go at designing your own Greek pottery! Research more into events at the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece and think about what you could do. Please send us your designs! 

w/c 6th July


This week choose one of the two famous Greek Gods shown on the pictures below (Aphrodite and Zeus) and research information about them. All Greek Gods are unique and have different powers and different symbolisms/representations in the Ancient Greek era. Once you've chosen your God and researched it, write your findings down on the sheet.

Greek Gods Fact File

w/c 13th July


The Ancient Greeks were well known for their myths on Gods and monsters! A few we have looked at already and over the course of the topic. Hopefully you've found some information on them during your research project! 

Today is your chance to create your own Greek monster! The Sirens were a typical Greek monster that lured sailors to their deaths by singing beautiful songs! Using the sheet below as a guide, great your own Greek monster by drawing and then writing some sentences to describe it. 

w/c 20th July

For this last week on the Ancient Greeks, you will be learning about how the Ancient Greeks changed the world! The Ancient Greeks had a huge influence in the world we live in today e.g sports, pythagoras in maths and also juries for trials. 


Follow the link to the BBC Bitesize lesson on how they changed the world and write notes of what you've learned to go with your Greek project. There are some games at the bottom to play too! Feel free to do more research on other websites too. 

When you have finished your Greek project, please bring it into school when we return in September for us to see. 


Well done all of you! Hope you've enjoyed learning all about the Ancient Greeks!