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School Values

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  • Creativity
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  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty

Learning Challenge

Last half term, you really engaged with our WW2 topic and I loved seeing the work you produced. Over the next few weeks we will be moving on to looking closely at the comparison between the war effort in Britain and the way the country has responded during the current pandemic. We will look at the NHS, the environment and the acts of kindness we have seen during this global pandemic.

We will be doing to the same work with the children at school so it would be great to build up a gallery of everything we are doing both at school and home. 

Week commencing 6th July

This week we are thinking about our personality traits and how they might indicate what type of job might suit us. The more you know about yourself, the better position you are in to be able to think about what subjects you might want to select later on in secondary which will help you decide on what path you might take in the future. 


Task 1:

Complete the 'Like me, not like me' sheet below. 


Task 2:

Use the template to create your own CV (Curriculum vitae - a story of someone's journey so far with an education and job focus) that could be shared with your secondary school.

Week commencing 29th June - Art project

This week we are thinking about how we can use colour to show a particular mood. Look at the slides in the link below and think about the following questions:

What mood is being presented?

How to the colours contribute to that?

How would changing the colours change the impact and mood of the images?

Look at the idea for the design. What can you tell about this person from their creation? How have they used colour to enhance their picture? What would you choose and why?

Create a mindmap of ideas for your own design. Think about the following:

What is important to you?

How will I use colour to reflect my mood or feelings about specific things in my life. 


Draw out your design using the format above (you can start with photo of yourself looking up or add this in later). Remember to include all things that are important to you and your interests.

Then add in the photo of yourself so create a 'thought bubble' style piece of art that includes a reflection of you and everything you enjoy and care about (mine would definitely include a coffee cup and a lot of different types of food!). 


Week commencing 21st June 

This week we are looking at careers and thinking carefully about what we each enjoy doing and what we are good at. If you know yourself well, you can think about what types of jobs you are more well suited to. 


Start by reading the Powerpoint below and completing the 'Like Me, Not Like Me' sheet.

Think about the different jobs within the NHS and how many options there are out there. 


After that, use the template below create your own CV. A CV is the document you create to tell a potential employer all about you and your qualifications. In this case, we are using them to apply for the position of Year 7 pupil to provide your new school with as much information about you as possible.


Don't forget to send them in!

Week commencing 15th June 


How did the NHS begin?


There has been so much celebration and thanks given to the NHS during this time but where did it come from? During this lesson, you will gain an understanding of how the NHS came about and how it has evolved over time.


Watch the clip below which introduces the Welfare State and what Britain was like after WW2. 

Consider the questions below:

What impact did the war have of the British people?

How would the British public have felt at this time?

What do you think they would have wanted?


Following WW2, voters in Britain wanted changes to be made. Labour’s post-war policies were very popular and The Labour Party formed the Government in July 1945. Clement Attlee became Prime Minister and Aneurin Bevan became Minister for Health.


Click on the link below to look at a powerpoint giving background information on the Welfare State and the creation of the NHS.

Task 1

Try to order the events shown in the pictures below and think about how the NHS has changed over time. Check you were right by clicking the link to the document with the dates on. 

Task 2

Think about how the NHS has had to respond to the COVID 19 pandemic.


What are your own experiences of the NHS? Do you know people who work for the NHS? How have they felt?


Record your experiences of the NHS using a thought cloud with the heading 'What the NHS has done for me'. It might be that you think about your wider family and not just yourself. 

Week commencing 8.6.20

Below is a link to a lesson from Oak National Academy that I think you'll enjoy. You are the Deputy Prime Minister and have to take responsibility for engaging with the country as the Prime Minister has contracted COVID-19. In this lesson, you will learn how to respond to tough questions from the media as part of Prime Minister’s Questions around the impact of COVID-19. Dr Ted is allowing the Prime Minister to guide you but he is not allowed to face the media himself. Do not worry, the Prime Minister has been told what sorts of questions will be asked. For example, Lilley Lionheart, from Safari National News, is keen to understand how children can stay active during lockdown. Are you ready to do him and the government proud?

Week commencing 1.6.20
Below is the lesson for the week which focuses on the end of WW2. 



I would like you to create a timeline of the key events from throughout WW2. Use the internet to research this and look at links I have previously posted within the Summer 1 section.