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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty



Complete the next page in your CPG workbook (Answers are in the back).

Daily Lesson

This week the focus is on multiplication and division. Monday and Tuesday you will be looking at Multiplying 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. I know some of you found this tricky when we did it in class. Remember; multiply by the ones, then the tens. DON'T FORGET THE PLACEHOLDER!!! Watch the videos carefully and they will help you remember. On Wednesday, you'll be looking at division. Use your times tables facts to help.

Here is a times tables grid to help if you need it:

Problems of the week

Here are 3 bonus problems if you fancy a challenge:

Still want MORE maths?

Here's a link to lots of maths activities and games should you want to have a play! You don't have to but we know how some of you always want more.