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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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This week's focus in maths is adding fractions. Below is a link to the White Rose online learning with video tutorials. Watch the daily videos from here every day before having a go at some of the activities. The tutorials are great to take you through step by step. Be weary with some of the questions as they can get a little bit tricky- just do your best and please don't panic if it's tricky. Simply watching the videos and understanding the methods is great learning for you!


Adding fractions

Please watch the White Rose daily lesson and complete the activities. Then you can check your answers. 


Subtracting fractions

Complete lesson 2 on The White Rose home learning and then answer the questions.


Wednesday- a mixture of adding and subtracting fractions


Use Wednesday's and Thursday's maths lessons on the White Rose website to have a go at tackling a fractions word problem- perhaps only try one or two as these are quite tricky. Be sure to watch the video first as it gives an example of how to tackle a problem very similar to the one it asks you on the activity sheet.


Try a mixture!