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Monday 18th May 

Good morning! 

First of all watch this video....

Odd and even

Still image for this video
When you have written 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 on pieces of paper, share them between two. Sort them into two piles - the ones you can share fairly and the ones you cant.....

Odd and even

Still image for this video

Odd and even

Still image for this video

Odd and even

Still image for this video

Tuesday 19th May 

Can you watch this short Numberblocks episode all about odd and even numbers?

Then have a look at the questions below!

I have had a go sorting odd and even numbers from 0 - 10. Each time can you spot the mistake? How do you know?


 even.... 2   4   6   9


 odd....  1   3   5  10


 even.... 10  8   7  6 

Wednesday 20th May 

Can you write the numbers 11-20 on paper like we did on Monday? Then use objects to share these amounts and work out which ones are odd and even? 

I will give you the answers below!


Remember the numbers you need to write are:


11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 


Notice that they all start with a 1! 

Thursday 21st May 

Now that we know more about odd and even numbers from 0 - 20... I wonder if you can spot the pattern! 

Using the link below, I want you to colour in all the even numbers that you have found one colour, and all the odd numbers another colour.

Either select 1-50 or if you fancy a challenge 1-100.  


What do you notice?

Can you work out which of the bigger numbers will be odd/even? Why?

What is the same/different?



In case you cannot access the website, I have added a picture of the completed odd and even number painting for 1-20. 

Have a go at working out which ones I would continue to colour pink, and which would be blue.

Pattern spotting

Still image for this video

Friday 22nd May

Let's see how much you can remember about odd and even numbers with this fun activity! 

Remember.... even numbers end in  0,2,4,6,8! 


You can choose to just spot odd numbers or just even numbers, or you can go for a challenge and have a mix of odd and even. You can even work with really big numbers! I would suggest 1-20 to start with and move onto bigger numbers when you’re confident. (We don’t work with these big numbers much in Butterflies!)