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Monday 18th May

Monday - answers


Below is the link to today's maths lesson. It moves on from the co-ordinate and translations lessons I posted last week so I would suggest that if you didn't do those, then go back and complete those first. 

Tuesday 19th May

Here is the link to the next lesson, it moves on to solving practical co-ordinate problems.

Wednesday 20th May

Today's lesson takes another look solving problems but looks at more complex ones. Only do this lesson if you are feeling more confident. If you are not feeling confident, use IXL to practise skills linked to co-ordinates. 

Thursday 21st May

The lesson today looks at the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. 


Friday 22nd May

Below is the link to the final maths lesson of the week. It looks at recognising nets of 3D shapes. If you would like practise on recognising and creating nets, you can do this at home by exploring different ways you can make your own nets. 

Some useful links:

Some templates to help you make your own nets.