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Hey you awesome people! This week's focus is decimals. There is some new learning this week - we haven't done it in class yet! You will be able to build on your knowledge from Year 4 so thing's should seem familiar. It's an important skill you will need before Year 6 so we wanted to give it a go. Try your best, that's all we ask. Watch the video's very carefully. You can replay them as much as you need. Anything you find to tricky, make a note of it and we can help you when we call you! You got this!

Monday - WALT: Show fractions as decimals

Tuesday - WALT: Understand thousandths

Wednesday - WALT: Round decimals

Thursday - WALT: Order and compare decimals


Well done for your hard effort on a tough maths week. It's not easy to start brand new learning at home but it's very important stuff (and we knew you'd be great!). Take today to either go back over some of the areas you found tricky and practise or, if you fancy something different, you can challenge yourself with these problems. The focus is time and football! Remember, they get harder as you work through them!!