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Thursday 23rd April      23.4.20        XXIII . IV . MMXX




The link for today's White Rose maths lesson is below along with the links to the activities and answers. You can then use IXL to work on questions linked to this topic. 

Arithmetic answers

1) 1,167     2) 202    3) 4      4)536     5) 65.4

Tuesday 21st April     21.4.20      XXI . IV . MMXX



Answers are below to check once you have finished (no peeking).


 1) 377 + 40 =                  1) 80 x 9 =                3) 8,327 + 1,489 =

4)  1/4 of 36 =                5)  73,294 + 79,569 = 






Arithmetic answers:

1. 417     2.720      3. 23,222     4. 9    5. 152,863

White Rose Problems of the day - there are some hints below to help.

1. If you know the diameter of the 10p coin, you need to find out how much space they are taking up altogether. 

You must then do the same with the 5p coins and this should give you the length of the 4 10p coins and the length of the 5 5p coins in total. You will then have two length and must find the distance marked by the 'b'. Think about what calculation you do to find the difference. 


2. Find 70% of 200 first because this will tell you how many she sold. You then need to use this to find out how many she had left.  

If we know she bakes twice as many muffins on Tuesday, how many did she bake?

Once we know this, take away the amount of muffins she had left on Monday because this will tell you how many she sold on Tuesday. You can show this as a fraction - how many she sold out of how many she had to start with. 

Once you have this, you will need to convert the fraction to a %. You will need to make the denominator 100 by simplifying it first then multiplying to get to 100.


Problems of the day answers

White Rose - Calculating Angles

Monday - Arithmetic 


1)   294 + 70 =           2)    4,697 + 2.534 =


3)   3 x 8 =                4)     564 x 8 =


5)   80 x 5 =

Problem solving - these are tricky so have a go if you fancy a challenge.

Below is the link to the White Rose lesson on angles. You can also use IXL to answer questions on angles.

White Rose angles answers (for parents, no peeking you lot!)