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Today we begin our new topic of time! You will learn how to tell the time on an analogue clock and on a 24 hour clock. You will learn about days of the week, months of the year and what a leap year is. You will understand the term duration an be able to work out the duration of times. Towards the end of the unit of work you will be able to read tables and data linked with time. Lets get started!


First, write down the 7 days of the week. Next, write down the 12 months of the year. Next to each month write down the number of days in each. You could use google if you're not sure or the calendar on your phone, tablet or computer. What do you notice? Do all months have the same number of days?

How to remember the days in each month song

Play this song a few times and you will soon remember!

Wednesday- look at this year’s calendar and last year's calendar and play a game of spot the difference!

Which month changes when there is a leap year? Is this year a leap year? When will the next leap year be? Are there any other months that change length?

Thursday- sing the months of the year song. Can you write each month and remember the number of days in each from memory? After, have a go at the activity below.

Friday- have a go at the problem below. Use the calendar of 2020 to help you and then mark your answers by looking at the image below.