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We are using this time to recap key learning to make sure you are as ready for secondary school as you can possibly be. I will include the link to the White Rose and BBC Bitesize websites that you can use to help you as well uploaded the questions we are using in school. 


Click the Bitesize links and then open the tasks to complete. I have also provided the answers for you to check after you have completed. 


Today's lesson revisits equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. 


Today, we are moving on to ordering and comparing fractions decimals and percentages. 


Today's lessons requires you to find percentages of amounts. I have listed some reminders below:


10 %    -     divide the number by 10

1 %    -    divide the number by 100

20 %    -   divide the number by 10 and then double your answer

5 % - divide the number by 10 and then halve your answer

52 % -    there are different methods you can use:

  • you could divide by 100 to find 1% and multiply by 52
  • you could find 50% then find 1% (multiply this by 2 to get 2%) then add them together
  • you could find 10% by dividing by 5, then multiply this by 5. Then find 1% and multiply by 2 to find 2%.


Today, we are looking at a range of different problem solving questions so you can apply your skills.