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Hey Year 5!

This week's learning in maths is about angles. Some of this will be new learning and it is challenging because it's very practical and you need a protractor. So... we are going to do things slightly differently from the previous weeks so you can start to get an idea about angles but we will focus on it when we return to school.

Monday - WALT: Identify different types of angles

Let's recap some different types of angles. Watch the video to learn about acute, obtuse and right angles. It will also introduce a protractor and how they are used.

Have a look around your house and see what different types of angles you can spot. Are some more common than others? You could photograph them and upload them to the blog!

Tuesday - WALT: Use a protractor to measure angles

An important skill with angles is being able to use a protractor to measure them. This is the new learning in Year 5. Now, we don't expect you to have a protractor at home (I certainly don't) so don't worry. Follow the link to a game that gives you chance to practise. 

Marvellous! See if you can complete the questions and measure the different angles.

Wednesday - WALT: Calculate angles on a straight line

Thursday - WALT: Calculate angles around a point

Friday - WALT: Solve problems