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  • Creativity
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Monday 20th July 

Do you know the days of the week? Do you know the order of them?

Watch this video to help you!


Now some questions - have a go writing the answers down to learn the spellings! 

Here are the days of the week - NOT IN ORDER THOUGH!

Wednesday     Saturday      Thursday    Sunday     Friday    Tuesday    Monday


What comes after Monday?


What comes before Thursday?


What comes after Friday?


What comes before Monday? 


What comes after Tuesday?


What comes between Wednesday and Friday?


What comes between Saturday and Monday?


What comes between Tuesday and Friday?



Tuesday 21st July 

Do you know the months of the year? Do you know the order?

Here is a song to help you - have a go a few times and try and learn them!



March     June    January    April   July   February   August   May   September

December     November      October 


Now some questions - write the answers down to help learn the spellings! 


What comes after May?


What comes before April?


What comes after September?


What comes before September?


What comes after December?


What comes before June?


What comes before January?

Wednesday 22nd July

We use 'ordinal numbers' lots in life. If you win a race you come first. If you are in a line the person at the front is first, the person behind is second, then we have third, fourth, fifth....

Here is a lesson from the BBC all about ordinal numbers!