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Marvellous Maths!

Hi Lynxes, welcome to this week's maths activities where we continue to work on telling the time using an analogue clock. This week we are looking at telling the time to 5 minute intervals. You have had a go at o'clock, half-past, quarter to and quarter past and so this is the next step! Try your best and keep going even if it is a little tricky at first.


Monday- tell the time to 5 minute intervals

Watch this video all about telling the time to 5 minute intervals. If you need to make notes or pause it as you go to understand what is being said please do this! Follow along and then have a go at the activities below.

Monday- work your way through the work sheet. If you can't print don't worry just have a go at replicating the worksheet on some paper or talk through your answers.

Check your answers for Monday here!



34 + 29 =

178 + 291 =

459 - 243 =

874 - 219 =

44 x 2 =

23 x 4 =


We are going to revisit yesterday's learning on telling the time to 5 minute intervals. If you need to remind yourself of the video again- please do feel free to use it! Otherwise, have a go at the worksheet and then mark your answers afterwards.

Complete this activity on 5 minute intervals. Use the clock at the top of the page to help remind you.

True or false? Explain how you know!

Answer- FALSE the time is 25 minutes past 3 because it has gone past the 3 it is not on the other half of the clock which are times to the hour.

Can you help me answer the problem below?!

15 minutes past 12 

25 minutes to 5



789 - 232 =

367 + 281 =

649 + 111 =

33 X 2 =

45 x 2 =

23 - 11 =


Today we are going to look at what happens when the minute hand (the long hand) isn't pointing exactly to a number on the clock face. This means that we have to look a little more closely to work out how many minutes past or to the hour it is.


Watch the video below to help you learn how to tell the time to the nearest minute. Make notes and pause at any time to talk about it or practise what is being said.

Telling Time - to the minute

Watch the video to help you learn to tell the time to the minute.

Work through the worksheet, the questions get quite tricky so just do what you can and ask an adult to help you. If you can't print don't worry just talk it through or write down what you can.



976 - 325 =

341 - 170 =

456 + 163 = 

14 x 3 =

61 x 12 =

Telling Time to 1 Minute Intervals

Remind yourself of how to tell the time to 1 minute intervals and have a go at the ones in the video

Can you solve the problems below?


TRUE there are double the number of minutes because in 6 hours there are 360 minutes and in 3 hours there are 180 minutes.





100 + 600 =

230 + 140 =

900 + 100 =

300 - 200 =

850 - 400 =

370 - 120 =

51 x 3 =

15 x 5 =


Have a go at reading the times on the clocks. Remember to look carefully as they are all 1 minute intervals!

Telling the time to one minute intervals- check your answers after. You can write your answers as words it doesn't have to be in digital form.

Answer the problem below and then check your answer.

Top tip- keep checking your clocks at home whether it be an analogue or a digital clock. Go and tell someone in your house the time!