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New week - new focus! We are going to be looking at shape this week. Some new learning again but I'm confident you'll be great! As always, note anything you're unsure of and we can chat through it on the phone.

Monday - WALT: Identify regular and irregular polygons

Tuesday - WALT: Reason about 3D shapes

Wednesday - WALT: Reflect shapes

Thursday - WALT: Translate shapes


Use today to revisit some of the learning from this week. It's ok if you found some tricky - there was new learning. Look back at the questions that you were unable to answer and re-watch the videos. Think about any help you've had on the phone.


If you are feeling confident... try these true/false questions! They cover a range of Y5 maths so read them carefully!

Here are the answers.... I've made them small so you need to try first! Only when you have an answer can you click them to make them bigger!