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This week we continue to learn about time, not just telling the time but looking at the duration which means for how long something lasted. Watch the videos and then have a go at completing the worksheet and checking your answers.

Monday- using AM and PM

Is it 3:00 in the morning? Or, is it 3:00 in the afternoon? Use this maths video lesson to help you understand the difference between a.m. and p.m.

So remember AM stands for AT MORNING and PM stands for PAST MORNING. Have a go at completing the worksheet below and then mark your answers using the answer sheet.

True or false?



Today we are going to look at another way of telling the time. We have used the analogue clock to tell the time, a digital clock and now we are going to use a 24hr clock. Watch the video below to find out more! 

Calculating 24 Hour Time

Help understand the 24hr clock here by watching the video then have a go at the questions on the worksheet below.

False! The clock shows 20 minutes past 3.


Let’s practise converting 12hour digital time to 24 hour time. Use the PowerPoint to help you work it out. The trick is to add 12hrs on to your digital time to work out what it would be in 24hr time ! Remember, only do this if it is a time that is 1 o’clock in the afternoon or later. It does not work for morning (AM) times these simply stay the same. 

Look through this PowerPoint before tackling any of the questions


Today we are looking at the duration of an event, this means how long something took. For example if I went to bed at 11pm and woke up at 7am I would have got 8hours sleep. So the duration is 8hours. You must count how many hours and minutes have passed since the start time.  

Try working out the duration for these:


3pm - 5pm 

8am - 11am
4pm - 10pm

9pm - 3am 

6pm - 1am












Duration of Time in Minutes

Watch this video to help you understand how to work out the duration of something. You must work out how many minutes and/or hours it took to get from the start time to the end time. In the video they use a number line to help.

Have a go at finding the duration for these questions then check your answers below


Have a go at estimating how long the duration would be for each of these tasks:

  • brushing your teeth
  • lunch time at school
  • an average nights sleep
  • walking to school
  • getting dressed


Now put them in order from activities that take the longest in duration to tasks that take the shortest duration.

Complete the worksheet on comparing durations. Check your answers using the answer sheet below.

True or false?