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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty


Use your place value knowledge to work out the answers. Try not to count on your fingers or use column addition. Remember, are you adding 1’s, 10’s or 100’s? Think which digit will change each time. Check your answers below. 


Tuesday’s terrific tenths

Wednesday- can you colour and label the fractions?


Watch the online lesson here before having a go -

Have a look at the fraction of the shape that is shaded. Which shape has the most amount shaded? All of these shapes have the same denominator (bottom part of the fraction), therefore all you need to do is look at the sections of the shapes that are shaded (numerator), to determine which is larger or smaller. In this case, the larger the numerator (top number), the larger the fraction. Have a go and check your answers!