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Meet the Staff

Members of Staff 2020-21

At Westglade we are lucky to have such a dedicated and outstanding team working together to achieve  the high goals we set ourselves. Here are some of the smiling faces you may see around school. Say hello if you see any of us about!

Senior Leadership Team

Ms Keely (Headteacher) DSL
Mrs Wilson (Deputy Headteacher) DSL
Mrs Wenyon (Assistant Headteacher + SENCO) ADSL

Senior Management Team

Mrs Turner (EYFS Lead)
Miss Foster (English Lead)
Mr Brown (Maths Lead)

Admin Staff

Mrs Wilson (School Business Manager)
Mr Radmall (Administration Officer)

Site Manager

Mr Jennison

Foundation Stage

Mrs Turner (F1 Teacher)
Mrs Pomeroy (F1 Teacher)
Miss Browne (F1 TA)
Mrs Radmall (F1 TA)
Mrs Thamina (F1 TA)
Mrs Vincent (F2 Teacher)
Mrs Fearne-Smythe (F2 TA)
Mrs Deller (F2 TA)
Miss Blake (F1 & F2 TA)

Key Stage One

Miss Ellis (Y1 Teacher)
Mrs Mitchell (Y1 TA)
Mrs Wenyon (Y2 Teacher)
Mrs Seaton (Y2 TA)
Mrs Baskill (KS1 TA)
Mrs Newton (PPA Teacher)
Miss Gell (Highly Skilled Booster Teacher)
Miss Hyde (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Key Stage Two

Miss Taylor (Y3 Teacher)
Mrs Ashworth (Y3 TA)
Miss Morris (Y4 Teacher)
Mrs Wilson (Y4 TA)
Mr Brown (Y5 Teacher)
Miss Beeden (Y5 Teacher)
Miss Lord (Y5 TA)
Mrs Stevenson (Y5 TA)
Mr Chambers (Y5 TA)
Miss Foster (Y6 Teacher)
Miss Coupland (Y6 Teacher)
Mrs Rourke (Y6 TA)
Mrs Tomlin (Y6 TA)
Mrs Warnes (Y6 TA)
Mrs Fretwell (Highly Skilled Booster Teacher)

Additional Support Roles

Mrs Wilson (Assistant SENCO)
Mrs Radmall (Family Support Worker)
Ms Askew (Pupil Wellbeing Consultant)
Mrs Baskill (Pupil Premium)
Mr Merridith (Attendance Officer)
Mrs Bathgate (Dance Teacher)
Helen (Clarinet Teacher)

Midday Supervisors

Miss Theaker
Mrs Anderson

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Pack (Head Cook)
Mrs Bradshaw
Mrs McIntyre

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Orange