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Monday 18th May


Look at the spellings below. Define any you aren’t sure of and practise how to spell them. There is a reminder of a few methods to help underneath:


English BBC Bitesize Lesson

Follow the link to today’s English lesson – Fact and opinion

Shared Reading - Prediction Focus


Double 88 =

Half of 922 =

67 x 7 =

670 ÷ 2 =

5432 - 1455 =

763 + 647 =

55 x 11 =

827 - 454 =

Half of 1020 =

247 + 764 =




White Rose Maths Lesson

Follow the link to today’s maths lesson on recognising tenths and hundreds.

Click on week 5 w/c 18th May Lesson 1 and watch the video.

After watching the video, follow this link below to the BBC Bitesize website to do the activities linked to the lesson.


Other Subjects/Activities:



BBC Bitesize – Bronze Age




Visit our animals including humans page for today’s lesson on food chains.



See our Spanish page for today’s activity on ???


Learning Challenge

Take a look at our Learning Challenge e-learning page for this week’s activities. Also check out the afternoon/other activities that are listed on the y4 page. Some really fun ideas to keep you all entertained!

PE With Joe | Monday 18th May

Live at 9am!

Mastery Tasks - Challenge & Stretch 


English Mastery/Greater Depth Task:

This activity is aimed to stretch your English skills further!

Today we will be learning how the semi-colon works in writing. A semi-colon looks like this  ;

Have you heard what a semi-colon it before? Do you know how it’s used?

A semi-colon contains a comma and a full stop. It is helpful to remember this. A semi-colon is stronger than a comma, but not as final as a full stop.

A semi-colon can also be used to separate items in a list (where the list also contains commas). For example:

There are lots of characters in the story: Big Bad Wolf, the baddie; Little Red Riding Hood, the heroine; Grandma, the victim; and Mr Woodcutter, the rescuer.



Follow the link to find out more about how semi-colons are used via the video:


Complete the worksheet below using what you’ve learned about semi-colons:

Mastery Maths with Greater Depth

Push yourselves with this mastery activity!

Use your knowledge on tens and hundredths to answer this mastery task. Check with the answers underneath.