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Hello Otters!

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Hello and welcome to Year 5 Otters! We are so looking forward to having you back in the class room, and can't wait to get started on what will be a wonderful Year 5! I hope you have had a wonderful summer; I'm looking forward to hearing all about what you've been up to and seeing your home learning packs. I know it might feel a little bit strange, coming back to school after all of this time. Don't worry, it's a bit strange for us too, but we'll soon get into the swing of things and it will feel normal again! Please don't worry about anything, myself, Mrs Stevenson and Mr Chambers are excited to see you and will be here to talk if you need us. laugh


Important changes to note: 

Our school day starts at 8.40am and finishes at 2.55pm. It is different for each year group so please check times for other siblings. Our drop off and pick up point is the gate at the bottom of Bakewell Drive.


Our PE slot is every Thursday afternoon with Miss Gell - please come to school in your PE kit on this day. 


Please make sure your child has a jumper and a waterproof in school, as we will have the windows open and will be outside at play times as often as possible.



Homework will be sent out each week and will alternate between either an English or a Maths focus. We will be going through the homework on Wednesdays.


Water bottles

Please remember to bring a water bottle with you each day that is washed at home. This is particularly important as we need to ensure we are staying hygienic!


Hand washing and safety measures

Whilst coronavirus cases remain, we still have extra measures in place to help keep us safe. You will wash your hands when you enter, before meals and when you leave. You will also be washing them at other times throughout the day! You will have your own equipment to us in class. We will have staggered start times and end times to the day. You will be able to play as a class on our own section of the playground and field. 


This year we have some really exciting Learning Challenge questions

At Westglade our curriculum is driven by our 'Learning Challenge' question. Each half term we have a new question that we explore.

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