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RSE day in school 27.06.19


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At Westglade we teach PSHE weekly following the year group objectives which incorporate, citizenship, e-safety, financial education, keeping healthy, relationships and sex education, SEAL links and staying safe including drug education. We teach in various different ways from role play, discussions, written work and debates.

We believe that PSHE is intrinsic to children having;

  • good emotional well-being

  • good self-esteem

  • positive relationships with peers and adults

  • a good understanding of how to keep themselves safe

  • a strong sense of belonging within their class and the school.

Class Charter

As part of the New Beginnings topic each class discuss their rights, rules and responsibilities and create a class charter. By signing the charter the children agree to follow these rules.

Examples of work from different year groups

In year 3 they decided what their gifts and talents were.

In year 4 they had a discussion about the dangers of smoking and created posters.

In Year 5 they learnt about Digital Literacy and how to stay safe on the internet.

In Year 6 they complete the DARE programme.

Find out more about our Curriculum & Assessment as a whole on the following internal link: