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Activity 1


Read the extract and try the activity below.


Cake had just received an exciting invitation. He’d never been to a party before, so he didn’t know what to expect. But he was sure about one thing - he wanted to look his best. Fish didn’t know what Cake should wear. He had never been to a party either. 'Hmmm…' said Fish. 'Nope.''I don’t think so.'

'What about a hat?' suggested Fish.

'Good thinking!' said Cake. So off Cake went to buy a hat.


Cake tried on lots of hats in the shop, but none of them were quite right. 'Is it for a special occasion?' asked the shop assistant. 'A wedding perhaps?'

'No' said Cake. 'A party.'

'Oh' said the shop assistant. 'In that case I have just the thing.'And he disappeared out the back.

Read the statements in the table below. Decide whether each statement is true or false. If you think the statement is true, put a tick in the true column (or point to it). If you think the statement is false, put a tick in the false column (or point to it).


Statement True False
Cake had been to lots of parties before.    
Fish had never been to a party before.    
Cake decided to buy a hat.    

Activity 2


Read the next extract and have a go at the activity below.


'Here you go sir' said the shop assistant. 'You'll be irresistible in this.'

'Well thank you very much' said Cake. He couldn't wait to get home and show Fish his new hat.


'Are you ready?' Cake called from the bathroom. 'Ta-dah!'

'You've cracked it' shouted Fish.


Cake was soon on his way to the party, dressed in his new hat. 'Deedly-dee, deedly-dum, I’m off to a party to have some fun!' Cake was a bit nervous when he arrived. But when everyone saw him, they cheered! 'CAKE’S HERE! A party isn’t a party without CAKE!' they said. And he went in.

Read the sentences below and answer the questions.


Cake was soon on his way to the party, dressed in his new hat.

1. Which word describes Cake’s hat? ...............................................


Cake was a bit nervous when he arrived.

2. Which word shows how Cake was feeling? ..........................................


But when everyone saw him, they cheered.

3. Which word shows what everybody did when they saw Cake? ...........................................


Now look at your answers to the questions above.

  • Can you think of a word that means the same or similar to your answer?

  • Can you think of a word that means the opposite of your answer?

Activity 3


Read the second extract again.

Whilst Cake is on his way to the party, he sings a song:

'Deedly-dee, deedly-dum, I’m off to a party to have some fun!'

The author has used some real words and some made up words.

The author has also made the song rhyme – 'dum' and 'fun'.


Can you write another verse for Cake to sing on his way to the party?


Top tip!

You can make your song rhyme if you want to, but it doesn’t have to.

Remember to be as creative as you want!

Cyril and Pat


Using the book Cyril and Pat you will learn about answering questions using the text, inferring what characters might say to each other and explaining what words mean.


This book is about Cyril, the only squirrel in Lake Park, who is very lonely. One day he meets Pat – Pat is big and grey, and Cyril mistakes him for another squirrel! They become great friends and the two have lots of adventures and fun together - Cyril is so pleased he's made a friend. But everyone else thinks that Cyril and Pat simply cannot be friends, and they soon reveal why: Pat is actually a rat!


Activity 4


You may need paper and a pen or pencil for some of these activities.


Read this short extract from Cyril and Pat and then try the activity below.


Extract 1

Lake Park only had one Squirrel,

All alone and sad (poor Cyril).

Until the morning he met Pat,

His new best friend, a big grey…


Just like ME!

Pat and Cyril spend each day

Thinking up good games to play.

They liked to put on puppet shows,

And test how fast a skateboard goes.

Their favourite games were Hide-and-seek,

And one that they called Pigeon Sneak.



Answer the following three questions, using language from the text in your answers.


1. How do Cyril’s feelings change in this extract? Complete the following sentences.

In the beginning .................................

In the end .................................


2. According to the text, what games do Cyril and Pat play?


3. How do you know that Cyril and Pat are friends?


Activity 5


Now read this short extract from Cyril and Pat and try the activity below.


Extract 2

Cyril ran, out of the park

Into the city, into the dark.

All alone and scared. Poor Cyril.

'Not quite alone, you stupid squirrel.'

'And not so brave without that rat.'.

'Ahem. Do you mean ME?' said Pat.

Lake Park still only has one squirrel-

But he is not alone. Now Cyril

Lives there with a large grey rat,

His brave and clever best friend, Pat.


There are three main characters in the story – Cyril the squirrel, Pat the rat and Slim the dog. In the table below are some examples of what the characters might say.


Using what you know from extract 1 and extract 2, write the character’s name next to what they might say.

You must use each character once: Cyril, Pat and Slim.


Example Character

'Wow, I am so happy that I have a new friend at last! Who would have thought that my new best friend would be a rat?'


'So, what do we have here? It looks like a small squirrel who has lost his pet rat!'

'I'm so helpful and have just saved my friend's life!'  


Activity 6

Read both extracts again. The first extract says Cyril is 'sad'.

We can use a dictionary or a thesaurus to find other words that have a similar meaning. Some of the words have a stronger meaning of sadness. We can put them on a scale to show how sad somebody is.


Look at these words:

  • gutted

  • desolate

  • crestfallen

  • sorrowful

  • upset

  • unhappy


Take a piece of paper and draw a horizontal line across the page. Now write the words above on the line from the weakest word for ‘sad’ to the strongest word for ‘sad.’


You can try the same for 'happy'. Here are some words and expressions to start you off:

  • happy

  • over the moon

  • cheerful

  • ecstatic

  • chuffed

  • content


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