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This week's reading activities are from an author that we are very familiar with in Year 2 as she wrote the last class novel that we read! Her name is 'Pamela Butchart' and she wrote 'There's a Yeti in the Playground!'

Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies


Izzy and her friends have never liked school dinners. Just recently, things have been a bit strange as the dinner ladies are wearing a new uniform and have new rules. When the lollipop man tells them that the new dinner lady has been here before, the children start to investigate.


Watch footballer Jessie Lingard read an extract from Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies.


It all started on Friday when we were on our way to school dinners.


We were walking down the stairs and that’s when Maisie said, 'That’s weird. I still can’t smell it.'


And it WAS weird because Maisie meant that she couldn’t smell the SHEPHERD’S PIE and Maisie ALWAYS smells the shepherd’s pie before we get to the dining hall when it’s Shepherd’s Pie Day. And we all knew that it was definitely Shepherd’s Pie Day because it was Friday, and the dinner ladies hadn’t served it yet this week, and they ALWAYS serve it at LEAST once a week, even though it’s stinking.


When we got to the dining hall me, Jodi, Zach and Maisie sat down at the Packed Lunch Table because we had packed lunches that day because we all hate the shepherd’s pie and Maisie is actually terrified of it.


One time, Mrs Kidd (the evil dinner monitor), tried to make Maisie eat the shepherd’s pie and Maisie fainted head first into it because Maisie faints most of the time when she’s scared.


Think about the following:

  • Do you know what Shepherd’s Pie is?

  • Why did the children sit at the Packed Lunch table that day?

  • What does the word ‘weird’ mean?

  • Do you think Mrs Kidd is evil?


Activity 1


1. Read or watch the first extract again. The writer tells us lots of information about Maisie. What do you think about the character of Maisie?


2. Think about a word to describe Maisie and then find some evidence from the extract that proves your point.

You could set your information out like this:


What I Think About Maisie How I Know (Evidence From The Extract)
Maisie -


Now watch Jessie read another extract from Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies and think about the following:

  • Do you know what a cockroach is?

  • Why is Maisie screaming at the beginning of this extract?

  • Why does Izzy give Jodie a look?

  • What type of a girl is Maisie?


Maisie wouldn’t stop screaming about the EYEBALL WATER being on her sleeve so I had to take her jumper off and give her mine to wear so she wouldn’t faint, even though my jumper was FAR too big for her.


That’s when Jodi said, 'Do you think they were real eyes?' And I gave Jodi a LOOK because I had just managed to calm Maisie down and didn’t want her to go all wobbly again.


But then Maisie said it was OK to talk about the eyes, because she wanted to know what was going on so she could decide if she needed her mum to write her a note to say she wasn’t allowed to go to the dining hall ever again.


Zach said that the eyes had looked like tiny black, beady animal eyes and we all agreed that they had.


And Jodi said that they were probably COCKROACH EYES. And then Maisie had to put her head between her knees for ages until she started breathing normally again.


Nobody was sure what to do next so we decided to wait until lunch the next day to see if the eyes were in our water jug again.

Activity 2


1. Read the second extract and think about what happens.


2. Number the events 1-5 in the order that they happened. Number 1 has been done for you.


Event Number
Maisie put her head between her knees.  
Maisie began to scream. 1
Zach said the eyes looked tiny and beady.  
Izzy gave her jumper to Maisie.  
Jodie asked if the eyes were real.  


Activity 3


1. Read the ending of the second extract again:

Nobody was sure what to do next so we decided to wait until lunch the next day to see if the eyes were in our water jug again.


What do you think the children should do? What advice would you give to them?


1. Choose a child who you want to advise – Izzy, Maisie, Zach or Jodie.

2. Draw a speech bubble and write your advice inside to them.


Top tip!

  • You should call the person you are advising ‘you’.

  • You might use this to start you off:


............................................, (insert name of who you are writing to) 

I think that you should ............................................ because .............................................


You could also ............................................ or .............................................


  • Think about how you will end your advice – maybe Good luck or Take Care.

Activity 4


If you would like more reading to do then why not try this KS1 English Reading SATs Paper 1. Click on the link below to download the document!