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What's going on?

There have been several nights of protests and violent clashes between police and protestors as demonstrations have swept across cities in the US and other cities around the world. The protests in Minneapolis began in reaction to the death of a man named George Floyd after he was stopped by police officers. The protests have now spread across the country to cities including New York, LA, Chicago and Philadelphia. While many protests have been peaceful, many places have seen rioting, looting and violence and President Trump has said he will call in the army if things aren't brought back under control.

Look at the poster image above, are you aware of the protests currently taking place in America and in other cities around the world?

Many people are angry about the unfairness and mistreatment of how black African American citizens are treated by the police and in other situations within their lives. They want to raise awareness of racism and are trying to change the opinions and actions of others. As some of the protests have turned violent, they have caused divided opinion. Some people believe that more peaceful methods should be used to help educate and initiate change.
Many people in America feel the police and the justice system treat black people unfairly compared to how they treat white people. African Americans are five times more likely to be sent to jail than white Americans.

Does this surprise us?

Have we head of the Black Lives Matters movement?

The recent protests have brought the ongoing movement to the forefront of peoples’ attention all around the world. The movement campaigns against violence and racism and fights for equality for black people around the world, starting in 2013.


Read through the experience of American author Shola Richards found on the resource.


What can it teach us about the effects of racism on his daily life? Does any of his experience surprise us? Why do you think he wanted to share his story at this time?


I'd like this to be something you discuss with people. Talk to people at home and talk to your friends. It is important to keep the conversation going. 


Watch the links below and answer the questions below. Continue to talk about them with people at home and your friends. 


1) Do you think Blackout Tuesday was an effective way to raise awareness? Explain your answer.

2) What do you think the benefits are for pausing and using the time to learn?

3) Can you think of any other ways to raise awareness about an issue we care about?


Find out about and create a fact file for a person influential in the black civil rights movement. e.g. Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King or someone else of your own research. 



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