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Try this 'How to Make a Potion' text and comprehension questions!



Are you in desperate need of a powerful, pungent potion to blow the socks off an annoying sibling or classmate? Do you need to silence a wicked, old grandmother or a terrible teacher? Look no further! This stinging concoction is sure to do the trick.

1. What could you use the potion for? Tick one.

  • Blow the socks off a wicked grandmother.

  • To silence a naughty sibling.

  • To make a teacher disappear.


2. Find and copy one adjective that describes the potion.


What will you need?



- 500ml of anti-dandruff hair shampoo
- 200ml of extra strength mouthwash
- 2 teaspoons of chilli flakes
- 1l car oil
- 5 tablespoons of hair gel
- 100g of curry powder
- 300g of candle wax
- 1 flea tablet
- ½ tin of paint stripper

- Small bowl
- Large bowl
- Large pan
- Large wooden spoon
- Electric whisk
- Gas or electric hob
- Bottle


3. How many tablespoons of hair gel will you need?


4. What size spoon will you need?



- First, collect all your equipment from the kitchen. If you do not have an electric whisk, you will need a hand whisk and a powerful arm.
- Next, mix together the chili flakes, curry powder and flea powder in a small bowl.
- In a large pan, gently heat the candle wax so that it melts and add the curry powder mix.
- While the wax is melting, mix the shampoo and mouthwash in a large bowl. After that, slowly fold in the oil using the wooden spoon.
- Now, add all the ingredient from the bowl to the pan and turn the heat up. Allow it to simmer for 10 minutes.
- After it has simmered for 10 minutes, add the hair gel and paint stripper and whisk vigorously until it is smooth.
- Finally, pour your potion into the bottle and seal the top immediately.
- Your pungent potion is now ready for you to use.


5. If you use a hand whisk, what else will you need? Tick one.

  • lots of time

  • lots of strength

  • more than one whisk


6. Tick one of the ingredients will you use in step 4.

  • wax

  • oil

  • curry powder


7. How long should your potion simmer for?



It is important to remember that the effects of this tonic will be different but always unpleasant for each individual who drinks it. Be certain that it is well deserved before you decide to administer this potion.


8. What could you use the potion for? Tick one.

  • unpleasant
  • deserved
  • important