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Click yesterday’s link to complete activity 2 about the book Slime!


Activity 2

Extract 2

Blobby Blob

What the boy had done that day changed the course of history. In mixing together a thousand different jars of gunk, Ned had created a brand-new matter.


The world would never be the same again. This was big. Bigger than big. Bigger than biggest. HUGE-A-MONGOUS!

As Ned stayed deadly still, the slime began spinning round and round him.


It was a tornado of slime.


NO! thought Ned. I am going to be slimed to death. He shut his eyes tight, and cried, 'ARGH!'

Then the most amazing thing happened. The whirling tube of slime spun up over his head and slapped against the ceiling.


Then it began oozing downwards towards the boy. As it did, it began to take shape. Not human shape exactly. More like a blob on top of a blob on top of a blob. A huge, slimy upside-down face was staring right back at Ned.

'Good morning!' it boomed.

The boy’s eyes darted around the bathroom. There was no one else there. This thing was talking to him.

'I said, ‘Good morning’!'' it repeated.

For something made of slime it had a surprisingly posh voice. As if it were royal. Which seemed highly unlikely. Last time I checked, the royal family did not have a member who was made entirely of slime.

'W-w-who are you?' stammered Ned. The boy was trembling with fear.

'I am anything you want me to be,' replied the thing.

With that, the blob of slime squelched upside down across the ceiling.


Next, it made its way down the wall, its slimy bottom acting like a suction pad against it.


Eventually the thing was standing on the floor of the bathroom, peering down at Ned. 'Now, boy, tell me what you wish me to be.'

'Is this like Aladdin?' asked Ned excitedly.

'Is what like Aladdin?'

'Well like rubbing the lamp and a genie coming out, and the genie giving you three wishes?'

The slime looked lost in thought for a moment before replying. 'No. There is no lamp. I am not a genie. And there aren’t three wishes.'

'Oh,' replied Ned.

'There are infinite wishes!'

'That’s a lot, isn’t it?'

'It’s infinite, so, yes, I suppose it is. Unless it was infinite and one, which would be silly.'

'Cool!' exclaimed Ned.

'So, boy, what do you wish me to be?'


  1. Read or watch extract 2 again. The writer shows us and tells us that Ned is really shocked that what he has created in the bath tub can speak.

  2. Skim and scan through the second extract and find at least three pieces of evidence that show how shocked or surprised Ned is.

  3. You can write down your ideas, copy examples from the extracts or draw the evidence that shows Ned was shocked.


Complete activity 3 using Tuesday’s link about the book slime.


Activity 3

1. Read or watch the second extract. Ned learns that the slime is offering him infinite number of wishes. We wonder what Ned will wish for.


2. If you were offered the same, what would your first five wishes be?

Would you use some wishes for yourself, some for your friends and family and maybe some on a more global scale?


3. Write down a list of your five wishes.