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Morning Bats! Below is this week's shared reading text; a poem. It is a poem called 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe which you may have come across before. Read the poem carefully and look up any language you are not sure about.

Then complete the questions for each day.

'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe


Complete the table below using a dictionary or online dictionary. 

Word Word class Definition  Use in a sentence



1. Find a phrase that shows that the man was covered in light from a lamp.

2. Which words tells you how strongly the man asked the raven to explain why it was there?

3. What does the word 'ebony' tell us about the bird?

4. In the phrase "Not least, my sweet Lenore", what does the word least mean?

5. Rewrite the sentence "I waited to no avail", replacing the word avail with a synonym.



1. When the man said he was shocked because "it had spoken so plainly", why was that?

2. Explain how you know that the man wanted the bird to leave.

3. Which word does the raven speak each time it is spoken to?

4. Explain how the man felt towards Lenore, and how you know this.



1. Find and copy three adverbs from the first paragraph.

2. The author uses the word ‘nevermore’ seven times throughout the text. What is the impact of this?

3. Why is the raven there?

4. Explain why a ‘familiar scent’ was sent.

5. The raven continually finds ways to contact the person. Why do you think this is?