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Reading and Phonics

Read your favourite book at home and tell your family about the story. Remember our shared reading sessions, what does the blurb tell us? Can you predict the story based on the front cover? Who is the author(person who write the book) and illustrator(draws the pictures)?




Read, Write, Inc sounds and key rhymes. Green and red words will be uploaded each day to practise reading and applying the sound.

nk - think I stink

think    stink     pink    drinking   wink   blink

I    he    she    to   

alien words

thrink   brinkl  grinks   quank


ay- may I play?

may   play  day   saying  spray  clay  lay  pray

we   the   me

alien words

drayer    thayn   brayt   sclayp   quayp


ee- what can you see?

see   tree    green   seen   screens   free

said  all   my

alien words

queep    dreet    breel     pleed     theek     sheef     cheels   


You can register with Oxford Owls for free to access lots of eBooks to read. This week I have put the link to The Frog Prince as I know we didn't read it until the end, and I know you were all eager to find out what happened. Click on the link below and register. I have also added the book, Number Poems, as this is one of my favourites. Which poem do you like the best?
Phonics practise

Read the text and see if you can answer the question below it