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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty

Reading and Phonics


Today we are practising er - better letter. 

Fill in the digraph for each word, then read that word by blending it back together. 

Can you write some of your own alien words using er? 

sqiler, chaper, drecker, pluver 



Today we are looking at sounds that words begin with. Remember the ph makes a f sound like phone. 

Write the correct sound to start the word then read the word back carefully to check. Use the pictures to help you. 





Today we are practising aw - yawn at dawn. Can you find the words in the word search and practise reading and writing them?




Today is the start of shared reading. 

This week I have chosen a poem from oxford owl. It was taken from the book Number Poems. 

Read the poem today. Do you like this poem? Explain your answer. 


Today, read the poem again and answer the questions below.

1. Who is the poem about?

2. Why is 6 his favourite number?

3. What is the title of the poem?

4. Who has written the poem?

5. Who lives in the house?

6. What special occasion do you think they are celebrating?