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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

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Reading and Phonics

To access more reading resources, you can click on the main children page, home e-learning and scroll down to reading.

Deep Down Weird - Taken from Oxford Owl

You can access lots of eBooks through the Oxford Owl website. Miss Ellis has sent a Marvellous Me with the log in details. 


Questions to answer from the extract of Deep Down Weird:

1. What does the vampire squid eat?

2. Why do you think it is called a vampire squid?

3. What does it do with it's food before it eats it?

4. What does a snot-flower worm eat?

5. What is different about the snot-flower worm?

6. Why do you think it is called a snot-flower worm? 

7. Who helps it to eat? 

aw - yawn at dawn

prawn   yawn   dawn   awful   fawn    lawn    paws   law

he   she   me   my 

alien words

shawp     chawd    blawt    drawp  


ur - nurse with a purse

nurse   purse    Thursday  Saturday   fur  

was     be    said   all 

alien words

clurt     swurp     qurl    churg   shurb 


er- better letter

better   letter   shelter   germ   hotter

come   some   of

alien words

quiper    shoder    chiker    thoper 

Are there any words you can think of with these sounds? Make your own list. Can you make any alien words and test your family? 

aw - snakes and ladders

The Zoo Vet Comprehension - Use your phonics to support your reading, and the pictures.