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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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Reading and Phonics

Set 2 Speed Sounds - 'or'

This film was first shown on 01.04.2020. Watch Rosie teach phonics lessons every weekday to help your child learn to read at home. The daily Set 2 Speed Soun...

Set 2 Spelling - 'or'

Watch Rosie teach children how to spell words containing Set 2 Speed Sounds. Children should watch Set 2 Speed Sounds with Rosie before watching this lesson....

Use your phonics to read these words. Are they real or alien?

50 Year 1 books to read

RWI sound mat

Practise saying each sound with the rhyme to go with it. Can you write the sound?

Practise reading the green, red and alien words to apply your learning.


igh - fly high


flight high  bright   might    night   lights   sigh  

my   me   was    all

alien words

quighl     tright    righp    chighsh    plighd    drighm


ow-blow the snow

snow  blow  growing  flow  rainbow  snowman

to   do   they  

alien words

quowp      chows    drowt     plowp     scrowm 


oo- poo at the zoo

poo zoo too  spoon  moonlight  loops   noon 

be   we     me  

alien words

quoop      choot     swool     shoom     broot 


oo - look at a book

book   took  shook   good  hoods flood       

that       then     there

alien words

quoop      thool    snoos     chood    

Oxford Owl Free eBooks

Remember you can make a log in for free on the Oxford Owl website and access lots of ebooks at different stages. I have set up a link for two books this week.


Reading comprehension - Discuss your answer with a family member or write it on paper