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Materials and their properties

This half term, our learning topic is 'Materials and their properties'. This page will be updated weekly with the next lesson in the sequence. Complete the lesson as best you can, and share your work with us if you would like to via the class blog or Twitter. 


Lesson 1 - Question: What are the properties of this material?


WALT: identify the properties of different materials. 
Wilf1: I can think of different properties. 
Wilf2: I can identify appropriate properties for each material. 
Wilf3: I can think of other items that could be made from these materials. 
Wilf4: I can match properties to their descriptions. 


Activity 1 - Write down everything you can remember about materials and their properties (think back to Y5 - Autumn term and Y4). 


Activity 2 - Watch the PowerPoint below - following along with the activities. 


Activity 3 - these sheets are attached below if you wish to download them. If you don't have a printer, you could draw the table out on a piece of paper. 


Activity 4 -