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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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  • Honesty

Silly SATs

Morning! Here are the links to the Silly SATs below created by some wonderful people on Twitter and edited by me to make them work for our class. I hope you enjoy them - don't take them too seriously!


This time, I have completed the SPaG test for you to check for me. Click on the document link below to open it up and mark my test. Let me know how I go on.


After this, click the link below to open your spelling answer sheet and then open the video link to hear me read your spellings. (Having a nightmare uploading the video so click on the script below and ask someone nicely to read them for you).

Miss Foster's grammar test.

Silly Spellings Answer Sheet

Spellings read by Miss Foster for Silly SATs.

Spelling script - this is the document I am reading on the video so someone at home can read it to you and use it to check the answers.


Below is the link to the Reading paper for today. Read the text carefully and then answer the questions. The answers are at the end for you to check. If you are completing this at school, as a I know a few of you are, then please feel free to talk to your friends during the test.  


Today is the arithmetic test. I have added the link to a short one below but the real test today is for you to create an arithmetic test for ME to answer. I will complete any that I am sent either on Purple Mash or Twitter. Go easy on me!



The reasoning paper is here! Hopefully you will it a little more entertaining that the usual reasoning questions you are faced with at school.