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W/C 1st June


Hola chicos y chicas! I hope you have had a great half term and are ready for your Spanish learning. This week we are going to recap the topic of 'La Familia' - the family. Have a listen to this song to help remind you of some of the vocabulary we have learned already.

Mi familia

Learn some basic family member relationships in Spanish.

Now practise using the vocabulary, as you watch this short online lesson to help you say who is in your family.

Family words

Enabling children to work out new family vocabulary using the pattern of family words already learned

Let's see if we can practise your learning of this topic even further! Can you...…

  • create a poster of your family and label in Spanish who they are (madre, padre)
  • write sentences about your family to include how to say their name and age eg Mi madre se llama Sarah y tiene trienta años
  • create your family tree for one side of your family and label who everyone is
  • try using the words hijo (son) and hija (daughter) and how to say the relationship between people eg Ellie es la hermana de Martin
Use this basic family tree template to help you complete your family tree!

W/C 8th June


Hola a todos! I hope you have managed to dodge the rain over the weekend and are ready for some sunshine in the form of your Spanish for this week! Did you know that it is not just in Spain that people speak Spanish? In fact, there are 20 countries in the world where Spanish is spoken, so lots of places for you to use your Spanish! This week we are going to have a closer look at the South American country of Colombia.


Watch these videos to help give you a flavour of what Colombia is like!



Colombia Tourism Video

A great insight in to what Colombia has to offer.

Sreet art in Bogota, Colombia

Marvel at the vibrant artwork found in this country's capital city.

Colombian food

A good introduction to some of this nations favourite foods to eat.

Now that you have started to see what the Colombian culture is like, have a read of some more short facts to help you with your task today.

Colombian Fact Sheet

Can you.....

  • create a poster about Colombia using all the information you have been given?
  • teach your family 5 facts about Colombia?
  • research a famous Colombian sports star?
  • make and sample food that is popular in Colombia? Maybe create a menu for these foods to make for others to try?
  • create some Colombian artwork of your own?


Don't forget to take photos of anything that you do and you can upload it to Purple Mash, so that we can all see your wonderful work!

W/C 15th June


Hola! ¿Qué tal? This week we are going to look again at telling the time - ¿Qué hora es? - what time is it? Can you remember how to say o'clock times, half past times, mins past, mins to the next hour? Don't worry if you can't, as this short online lesson should help to jog your memory.

Saying the time on the hour and half hour

Enabling children to start to tell the time in Spanish, saying the o'clocks and half pasts

Watch the song and listen out for any other times that are mentioned. Can you remember how to say it is quarter past a time? What about it's 10 mins past 3? Use the song to help remind you of how to write times and then do the sheet. If you don't have a printer, then just draw around something round and put the numbers on the clocks using the times from the sheet.

How to tell time in Spanish with BASHO & FRIENDS - ¿Qué hora es?

Try and challenge yourself to use the vocabulary of time to complete these tasks. Can you...….

  • practise saying your numbers from 1-12?
  • remember to use 'menos' when saying times to the next hour? eg 2:40 would be Son las tres menos veinte because you are saying it is 3 o'clock minus 20 mins
  • write the times in Spanish for your daily routine?
  • create a matching pairs game to practise finding the digital time and the time in Spanish? eg 4:10 - Son las cuatro y diez - don't forget you can use google translate to help you check your times too
Now see if you can listen out for the times mentioned in this clip, as well as recap your knowledge of directions too.

Giving directions and telling the time in Spanish | Spanish - Virtually There: Spain

English schoolgirl Ashleigh calls her Spanish friend Alejandro using her tablet and helps him get to where he needs to be using time and directions.

W/C 22nd June


Hola chicos y chicas! Espero que hayas tenido un buen fin de semana! (I hope you have had a good weekend) Last week, we looked at how to say the time on the hour, half past and other times in between. This week, we are going to look at how to say the time that we do things as part of our daily routine. To help remind you of how we say what we do in our daily routine, have a listen to this song or video of the same song to help refresh your mind of the vocabulary.

Now that you have recapped the vocabulary of time and daily routines, watch the clip and see if you can tell the times of the child's daily routine and write them down. Use them to practise writing your own daily routine. For example, Me levanto a las dos minutos pasadas (past) las siete- I get up at 7:02



Daily routine in Spanish

Can you.....

  • use the comic strip to create your own daily routine and write in Spanish the times you do things at?
  • teach someone in your family how to say a time or something from their daily routine?
  • create a song about your daily routine to include times as well?

Comic strip for daily routine

Don't forget to take a photo of your comic strips and upload them to Purple Mash so that we can see them!

W/C 29th June


Hola chicos y chicas! I hope you are ready for your Spanish learning this week! We are going to do something a little different, as we are going to do a Spanish Bitesize lesson. If you haven't been on Bitesize before - it is brilliant! It has a mix of video clips to watch, information to read and worksheets/quizzes to complete. Don't worry if you don't have a printer though, as you can draw anything out on paper instead. This week we are going to recap hobbies and sports - deportes y pasatiempos.



If you fancy watching and doing something different, then why not watch these clips on how to make a fruit salad or tomato bread? Maybe you might prefer to listen to a story in Spanish with English translations instead.

Make a fruit salad- Es Irene!

Breakfast Recipe in Spanish- Irene en la cocina

Tito Puente Mambo King-Rey del Mambo: Monica Brown & Rafael López

From musical prodigy on the streets of Harlem to five-time Grammy Award winner, Tito Puente's life was full of rhythm. Drums and claves, saxophones and tambo...

W/C 6th July


Hola a todos! Què tal? Well done for all of your hard work in Spanish, as I know many of you are really enjoying going back over topics we have done to help keep them fresher in your mind. This week we are going back to a topic that we started in the Spring term and were beginning to create role plays for - Comida - food! Watch the online lesson to help recap the important vocabulary including how to say if you like or don't like a food to help you with your tasks.

Spanish 37: giving opinions of plural foods and drinks

Enabling children to give their opinions of food and drink words which are plural

Listen to this song about foods. It is aimed at younger children but you will be using this to help you with your 3rd task to create a version that is aimed at your age group!

Now that you have recapped the vocabulary of food, can you...….

  • Use the online lesson to help you create role plays asking for opinions about food using the question ¿Te gusta? (Do you like....?) Try teaching someone in your family the Spanish to reply in your role plays
  • Create a menu for a day in Spanish of the foods you like to eat for desayuno (breakfast) almuerzo (lunch) and cena (dinner)?
  • Create your own song using the like/dislike vocabulary to appeal to your age group?


Don't forget you can load anything you do on to Purple Mash so that your hard work can be shared and enjoyed by others!


W/C 13th July


Hola chicos y chicas! I hope you are all feeling great. You have been doing fantastically well at your Spanish revision and we are nearly coming to an end with our Spanish recapping of topics. This week we are going to look again at the weather - el clima. All of your learning is on a PowerPoint this week so the online lesson/song/games/tasks will be on the PowerPoint but make sure you are on 'slide show' so that you can click correctly on the links. Have a fun week learning about the weather!

W/C 20th July


Es nuestra última semana de español! It is our last week of Spanish and you have done fantastically well at recapping lots of the topics we have covered in Spanish since Year 3. We have recapped the topics of pets, families, Columbia, time, daily routine, sports/hobbies and food. This week you may like to go back to some of these topics and watch the online lessons again to recap the vocabulary you are still not sure of or you may like to watch/listen to the songs of topics you have enjoyed. Why not try the Spanish culture quiz with your family for a bit of fun too! You can use whatever way you like to find the answers and then check to see if you are right using the answer sheet - buena suerte!

Spanish Culture Quiz