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Hola y bienvenido!


Hello and welcome to this half term's Spanish page. Here you will find weekly sessions to help you practise your Spanish. 


1st June


This week have a go at learning how to order food in a Spanish cafe or restaurant. Follow the video link to help. 

How to Order Food at a Restaurant in Mexico | Innovative Spanish

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Look at the poster for some food ideas. Also recap your Spanish colours from last half term to order certain fruits or foods in a certain colour. 

W/C 8th June

Spanish Project!

Hola todos! Did you know that there are 20 countries in the world that speak Spanish? So many places for you to visit and practise your Spanish during your lifetimes. This week we are going to have a look at the South American country Argentina. 

Have you heard of Argentina before? See what you can find out about this speaking country! 


Watch these video clips to find out what Argentina is like:

Argentina Travel and Tourism Video

Argentina - Imagine a country that has everything. For more information about travel and tourism, and custom travel vacation packages to Argentina visit www....

Buenos Aires Street Art

Matt Fox-Tucker, fundador de nos lleva a descubrir la explosiva y talentosa escena del arte urbano en Buenos Aires, Argentina. La se...

How to Eat in Argentina: Street Food & The Classics

Learn about the cuisine of Argentina as I eat my way through Buenos Aires and beyond.

Now that you've found out more about Argentina, have a read of this poster for some more information to help you with you task. 

Now can you...


  • Produce a travel brochure on Argentina to persuade people to come and visit Argentina by showing how wonderful it is to visit?
  • Research what travel brochures look like to give you ideas. 
  • Include pictures and subheadings


You could also:

  • Teach your family 5 facts about Argentina?
  • Have a go at producing an example of Argentinean street art on paper?
  • Try some Argentinean food?


Below are a couple of examples of travel brochures but there are loads of formats and you can present yours as you wish as long as it has the correct features. Good luck! 

Travel brochure examples

w/c 15th June


This week we will be recapping how to say the weather in Spanish. Follow the link to the Oak National Academy's lesson:


Now follow the link to the videos and resources:

Types of Weather in Spanish

The Weather Song in Spanish / La Canción del Tiempo y el Clima

Teachers, buy the official packet to go along with the video for multiple passes and with 10 different activities here:

The Weather in Spanish

Made by Learning Spanish with Johanna Check out our website to find the illustrated vocabulary of this song and much more!

w/c 22nd June

This week is Spanish we will be learning how to describe what there is in the village or town we live in. 


Follow the link below to the lesson from Oak National Academy. You will need to recap your Spanish alphabet so there's a video reminder of this below too. Tell your families and friends what you've learned! 

Spanish Alphabet Song - Orale, el alfabeto: Word, The Alphabet

See all of Basho's music to learn Spanish at his other YouTube channel Rock the alphabet. . . in Spanish!

w/c 29th June


This week learn how to say how you're feeling in Spanish! Follow the link below to the Oak National Academy lesson. There is also a link to a quick video that tells you how to say the main emotions/feelings in Spanish. 

Spanish Lesson 82 - ADJECTIVES of feelings emotions mood in Spanish Most common ADJECTIVES

Facebook: Blog: YouTube: You Study Spanish You can also learn to speak Spanish f...

w/c 6th July


Follow the link to The Oak National Academy's lesson to learn how to describe appearance in Spanish.

w/c 13th July


After learning how to say where you live and your own town last week, today we will learn how to describe where you live! Follow the link to the Oak National Academy's lesson:

w/c 20th July

This week we will be learning how to say our pet's name in Spanish! If you don't have a pet don't worry you can make up a name and imagine which animal you would like! 

Follow the links and look at the images below to help you then follow the link to the lesson from the Oak National Academy to learn how to do this. Afterwards, practise on your friends and families and maybe teach them how to say their pet's names!

Pets in Spanish | Beginner Spanish Lessons for Children

In this lesson from the Beginner Spanish Lessons for Children playlist you will learn the Spanish for different types of pet animal including the Spanish wor...