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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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W/C 11th May


You have covered lots of different topics in Spanish since Year 3 and I wanted to refresh your memories of how to say what the weather is like! Have a go at the activities and games and remember to take a photo of any work that you do and upload it to PurpleMash, so I can see it. Have fun! Senora Fretwell smiley

W/C 18th May


Hola chicos y chicas! This week we are going to practise speaking about our pets - las mascotas. Can you remember how to say dog in Spanish? (perro) What about rabbit? (conejo) I bet you knew them anyway! To help remind you of the names of some of the pets we have in Spanish, watch this online lesson and practise saying the names out loud with correct pronunciation. 

Practise listening out for the pets in this song and join in if you like. I dare you to join in with the actions too! wink
Now see if you can match up the pets using these activities to help you!
Create a poster all about your pet (or a pet you would like to have) - include their name (Mi perro se llama....) and how old they are (Mi gato tiene diez años). To challenge yourself, why not try using google translate to help you find adjectives to describe your pet. Don't forget to take a photo of your poster and upload it to Purple Mash so I can see it and comment on it smiley.
Now that you've done lots of practising of saying and naming pets, have a go at watching this video all about choosing the right pet. Why isn't Farley happy?