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This week we are revisiting words that end in shus sound made by either 'tious' or 'cious'. Begin with watching the video link below as a quick recap.

Below are the words we will use this week.

Monday continued

Can you identify the root word for the words ending in our suffix this week?







Sometimes a root word will give you a clue about which spelling to choose. For example:

Words ending in tion change to tious

Words ending in ce change to cious


Using the words four above, practise this rule using a strategy from class of your choice.


Tuesday - Thursday

Chunk the words from the list in to groups of 5 and practise using a strategy of your choice. This is entirely up to you as you know which ones work well for you. 



Ask someone at home to test on these words in a random order (have a quick practise before hand as revision). Make a note of any you don't get right so you can work on them again next week.