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The spelling pattern we are looking at this week is when to use 'tial' or 'cial'.

Begin by clicking the link below to watch the video and then complete the tasks for the day.


Use the list above to practise where to use 'cial' and where to use 'tial'. 

Find the definitions for the words and complete one column of 'look, cover, write, check'.


Task: Can you identify the root word for the words listed above? 


Why is 'tial' or 'cial' used?


'cial' is common after a vowel letter.

'tial' is common after a consonant letter.

However, there are some exceptions (like most spelling rules!). Can you find any?


Can you identify the correct spelling without looking at the list?


Complete one last practise using the grid above or using a spelling strategy that works for you. This could be the pyramid, colour-coding the words, coming up with rhymes to help you remember them. It really is up to you. 



Ask someone at home to test you on these. Make sure they mix them up for you so they are in a different order. Make a note of any you get wrong so you can continue to work on these over the next few weeks.