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Monday 8th June

Recap what we learned last week on suffixes. We use the suffix 'ous' by replacing some letters in words and adding the suffix to change their meaning. e.g. danger - dangerous

Adding the suffix 'ous' turns a word from a noun into an adjective. In the example above, the word danger is the noun and the word dangerous is the adjective. 


Change the nouns below by either adding or replacing the correct letters with the suffix 'ous' to change their meaning. 


miracle = 

adventure = 

fury = 

courage =

envy =

space =

fame = 



Now define the new words and put them into sentences e.g. 'Her memory is nothing short of miraculous'. 



Tuesday 9th June

Using your knowledge of the word 'ous', complete the worksheet below:

Wednesday 10th June

Follow the link to this game below on the suffix 'ous'! You need to read the unfinished sentence on the train and decide which word completes the sentence. 

Now have a go at this matching game below!

Thursday 11th June

Time for a spelling test!


Recap all the words we have learned this week with the suffix 'ous' in them:


miraculous    adventurous    furious  

courageous    envious    spacious   famous


Use the spelling methods you're familiar with to revise the words then ask a member of your family to test you on them. Good luck!  



Spelling revision methods