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Spring 1 - Are you brave enough to be an explorer?

We were visited by a lovely lady called Sarah who brought an oak tree for us to plant in our school grounds. This is part of her project to grow a forest in the city and help our environment. The more trees we have, the cleaner our air as trees absorb carbon which is a harmful gas to our planet and if there is too much, will cause global warming.

Are you brave enough to be an explorer?

Hello and welcome to Spring 1! Our learning challenge topic this half-term is a geography topic that allows us to explore many different areas of the world. Our topic not only explores the world's biomes, vegetation belts and climate zones, it also investigates how all of these things are effected by global warming. Our world is in a state of crisis as we speak and if we don't begin to change our actions and the way that we live, then we risk losing many natural habitats for both plants and animals. 


We will explore why some parts of the earth are hotter than others and how this is changing due to global warming. We will look at countries on a map and be able to categorise them based on their climate zones and then decide on what biomes are most likely found there. 


Finally, we will observe how our land use has changed over time in the UK and in other parts of the world. We will discuss why these changes have occurred and what might happen if we continue in the way that we are with consumerism being a top priority. 

Climate change

Watch this short clip for a child friendly introduction into global warming.

PE and Dance

This half-term, dance is on a TUESDAY and PE is on a WEDNESDAY. Your child needs to wear their PE kit to school on both days. 


Our science topic this half-term is electricity! We will be learning how electricity is made- that's right those TV's and tablets don't work by magic! We will also look at the components needed to create a complete circuit. We will also create circuits involving a switch and testing our circuits for potential faults. Not all materials are great conductors of electricity, so we will need to test to see which ones will work best.