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Spring 1



We have been thinking about how to be kind in Owls this week. We have looked at giving compliments and how it makes us feel when someone gives us a compliment. Once we had finished, we thought about things that other children in the class were good at and how we could write this as a compliment. We then each recieved a sheet of paper with our names on and passed it around the class. We each wrote a compliment about the person who was on the sheet so by the time we had finished, we had 33 compliments to read about ourselves! It was lovely to hear so many nice things written about us!

Art/Learning Challenge


This week we have been looking at animals that live in the Indian jungle. We used Google to research the animals and explored images of what they looked like. We learnt that Bengal tigers are an endangered species and how to tell the difference between African and Indian elephants. We then chose images of our favourite animals to sketch in our sketch books. Miss Taylor was really impressed with how accurate our drawings were!



In computing, we have been learning how to code! we used Scratch to write and create our very own Maths quizzes! Firstly, we had to choose our own Sprites who would be presenting our quizzes. We then learnt how to use the 'If else' code block to decide what would happen if an answer was true or false (correct or incorrect). Once we had mastered this, we then added our own sound effects! Next week we will be learning how to add a score counter before we allow them to be tested by another year group! Take a look below at how we got on.


Still image for this video


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Learning Challenge


Today, Year 4 explored a variety of fruits as part or our Learning Challenge topic about survival in the Indian jungle! We researched what fruits were grown in India and then had the opportunity to handle them and describe them using our senses to help us. Once we had finished our discussions, Miss Taylor then cut them open so we could have a look inside and after that, we finally got to taste them! Miss Taylor was very impressed that we tried a majority of them, even though some of them, such as avocado and pomegranate, we had never tried before!



For the next two weeks, Year 4 are focussing on writing persuasive letters and we have decided to write to Miss Keely to convince her to let us have a class pet! Today, we role played being members of the school council and rehearsed our arguments and ideas, ready to put forward to Miss Taylor (acting in role as the head teacher cheeky). She came up with some tricky counter arguments but we were well prepared and had some fantastic responses ready to reply with. We will be using all of these amazing ideas to help us with our Big Write on Friday!

Outdoor Learning/Science


Because of our fantastic behaviour, we have earned our chosen reward of toasting marshmallows around the fire pit! Before we can do this however, we need to have a few practices around the fire to make sure we all know how to stay safe. We practised entering and exiting the circle and also walking around the outside. We then had a go at kneeling down by the fire and toasting our imaginary marshmallows! We now know the golden rules and need one more practice before we can do the real thing no


Afterwards, Miss Taylor and Mrs Radmall took us on a mini-beast hunt around the school grounds. We were looking for different types of 'invertebrates' that we could photograph, ready to classify in our Science lesson next week. It was very cold so there wasn't much around but we had a lot of fun looking!

Always Trip


As a reward for our fantastic 'always' behaviour, some of Year 4 went to the Broadway Cinema on Friday to watch the BFG! A great time was had by all!



In Science, we have been thinking about 'What living things need to survive?' We used the acronym MRS NERG to help us remember the seven life processes that living things need to be able to do. Once we explored each of the processes, we then created posters of our chosen life process.


We have also look at how animals and plants can be classified into groups. So far, we have looked at vertebrate at groups. We now know there are five main vertebrate groups - Fish, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians and Birds. We used the internet to research various characteristics of each group and then used Microsoft Word to create posters about them.

Learning Challenge


We have been exploring the region of the Seoni this week, which is where Rudyard Kipling set his famous stories in The Jungle Book. We identified the Seoni on a map and looked at it's climate by separating the continents into the four main climate zones (polar/arcti, temperate, mediterranean/desert and tropical) - we then shaded our the continents on on our world maps to represent each climatic zone.



This week in Maths we have been looking at telling the time. Miss Taylor challenged us to create our own clock on the Maths Working Wall by adding on the hours, the minutes, the time in words and also in digital format! It was tricky but we did a great job! Then we got the chance to  make our own clocks out of paper plates and add on the times. These will help us next week when we will be looking at converting the time from 12 hour to 24 hour format and vice-versa.