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Spring 1



As part of our topic on Earth and Space, we have been exploring the artwork of Peter Thorpe who creates impressive artwork using leftover paint. The backgrounds of his artwork are abstract which means that they don’t represent things found in the natural world. He then adds images of rockets over the tops of these.


We looked at a variety of these paintings and had a go at recreating some of his most famous works. We thought carefully about drawing the images we could see in the foreground and had at go at sketching these in our Sketch Books. We then used oil pastels, wax crayons and chalk to have a go at recreating the abstract backgrounds we could see.


In a few weeks, we’ll put these together to create our own versions!



For the last two weeks, we have been exploring fractions. It’s something that we’ve found tricky but we’re sticking with it and persevering! So far we have explored equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions and also converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa!

Eco Art Installation


Year 5 were lucky enough to be chosen to take part in an Eco Art Installation for Nottingham's Light Night Festival. We were visited by an extremely talented artist called Sarah Turner who creates incredible artwork from old rubbish and recycling that people usually throw away.


She showed us how to make flowers from old plastic bottles and we decorated them with permanent marker. Miss Taylor was very impressed and they looked fantastic once attached to our archway which we had decorated with leaves made from bits of old bouncy castle, plastic bags, scrap bits of plastic and bubble wrap!


The finished article was very impressive and will be displayed as part of Nottingham's Light Night event on Friday 23rd February. It will then come back to school and will be placed somewhere as a permanent fixture for all to see!

Dogs Trust


We have been lucky enough to receive a special visit from Sarah and Lyra who work for the Dogs Trust. They came to discuss the importance of choosing the right dog based on different breeds. We thought about things such as how difficult or easy they were to groom and also how much exercise they needed!


I think we have a much better understanding of making sure we choose a dog for the right reasons and not just by looking at how cute they are!


At the end, we also got to give Lyra a fuss and a stroke! She behaved beautifully throughout and won over lots of our hearts! We had a really enjoyable morning!



Today we created an entire solar system that fit into our pocket! It enabled us to visualise how far away each planet was away from the sun and the distance between each planet. It also helped us to think about the names of the planets and the order in which they were from the sun! 



In Computing today, we used various websites to experiment with creating our own solar sytems. We had to decide how many planets were going to be in our solar system. We also looked at their mass and how this affected the speed of their orbits! We then got to throw asteroids and comets into the mix. We had lots of fun - especially when they crashed!

Learning Challenge


Today Miss Taylor introduced us to our Learning a Challenge topic ‘Has Nottingham Castle always been a castle?’ We thought about questions posed by Wyatt (Why were castles built?) and Declan (Why are castles built on hills?). To begin with, we looked at different types of castles and tried to order them from what we thought was the eldest castle, to the most recent. After, we learnt about why castles were built on hills and went on a hunt around the school grounds to find the best place to build our own castles. We had to justify to the rest of the group why we thought our placement was best!