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Spring 1 - Is sport great in Nottingham?

This half-term the children will be thinking about great sporting heroes and heroines from Nottingham! They will learn all about the late and great Brian Clough and how he helped Nottingham Forest. We will introduce them to Torvill & Dean and watch the magical Bolero performance that made them the highest scoring figure skaters of all time! We will introduce the children to the sports available to them around Nottingham and sporting venues that they could visit such as the Nottingham Tennis Centre and also Holme Pierrepont Country Park.

Learning Challenge/Art


We looked at the different sporting venues that Nottingham has to offer and what sports we could play there. We watched a really cool video about white water rafting at Holme Pierrepont! Then, we chose different venues which we sketched and painted carefully.



In Science, we enjoyed looking at the different foods that we needed to stay healthy. We thought of different ways to sort the food and then concentrated on which types of food we needed more or less of to have a balanced diet.



In English today something very exciting happened! We received a letter from 'The Museum of Mysteries' asking for our help! There had been sightings from local residents of strange, winged creatures flying around the school and they asked us to investigate further! We found lots of clues and took statements from several staff members who confirmed the sightings. we then found a mysterious egg, wrapped up in a nest in the PE store!

When we discovered the egg!

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In Maths we have started to look at how repeated addition and multiplication are linked. We have used lots of practical activities to help us understand the terms 'equal groups'. We have been using this knowledge to help us with our repeated additions. This week, we have been looking at and beginning to understand the 'x' symbol and how this is linked to repeated addition.



Today, we have been learning about seeing something from a different perspective! Amelia read us a scenario and we had to think about how it made her feel and if she reacted in the correct way. Then, Charlie-Jack told his side of the story which helped us to understand his actions. We discussed how we could use this in our everyday life as seeing something from another person's point of view can help us to resolve a conflict more easily.



This half-term we are going to be looking at alternative fairy tales! This week, the children were asked to recap their knowledge of the traditional tale 'The Three Little Pigs'. Then, Miss Taylor read us the true story which is told from the wolf's point of view! We have been orally rehearsing the new version using picture prompts and then we used this to help us create our own story maps of the tale!

Megan & Amelia

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