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Spring 1 - Past

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Spring 1 is now finished. Want to know what we're getting up to next? Click Spring 2 below.

Thank you to all those who attended Parent's evening on the 8th February. Should you still wish to make an appointment then please get in touch, I have resources for you to use at home! :)


We wish you a wonderful February half term holiday and look forward to seeing you all back again on Monday 20th February. Please link 'Spring 2' to see what we will be learning next...

Thursday 26th we spent 20minutes in the afternoon writing impromptu poetry on the theme of happiness. I've scanned every child's piece of work which can be found below. (All work was independent and whole class)

Outdoor maths - part and whole!

The day the tornado struck - An Adam Pepper + Class 1 production

Making snowflakes

Learning our dance about rain linked to our topic.

Watch it here:

Check out our film trailer.. curtsy of Mr Pepper. More coming soon!

Still image for this video

Making groups

Spring 1

Welcome back to the start of yet another exciting half term. We hope you've had a wonderful Christmas break and are well rested ready for the year ahead!


Last half term we said goodbye to Miss Morris who thanks you all for the support you gave her throughout her final placement with us. We hope she pops in for a visit sometime in the near future. We also had Mr Hall in class for a few weeks last term. He enjoyed it so much he will be back again but in Year 5 this time. I'm sure the children will be happy to see him about. We also say hello to a few other people this half term who will be in and out of our class gaining classroom experience as part of their NCN course. I know you'll help make them all feel welcome as well :)


Learning Challenge: Does it rain everywhere?

In Science we will be observing changes across the fours seasons, including observing the bulbs we planted in the Autumn now flower in the Spring. We will also observe and describe weather associated with the seasons, including how the day length varies.


In Geography we will be naming, locating and identifying the characteristics of the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom including it's surrounding seas. As well as developing our map and fieldwork skills.


As usual this will also all be tied in with our Art, DT, computing, SEALs, PE (singing in the rain performance) and our literacy and numeracy sessions where possible. For example our first two weeks back are all non-fiction and weather based. We even have Adam Pepper in on 9th Jan to lead an extreme weather day including some film making in the afternoon!


Our weekly learning in Literacy and Numeracy will continue to be shared with your weekly over Marvellous Me.


Miss Grafton & Mrs Warnes

P.S. all important dates can still be found on the school calendar which is regularly updated.


Seasons Song Video

The Seasons Song is a Science song that teaches the seasons of the year. The Seasons Song teaches the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Severe Weather: Crash Course Kids

So, what's the difference between "weather" and "severe weather"? Is it just how hard the wind is blowing? Is it just thunder and lighting? Well, it can be some or all of those things. In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks to us about what makes Severe Weather and how it interacts with the Geosphere and Biosphere.