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Spring 1 - What if there were no clouds?

We have been recreating watercycles

We have been reading, performing and free-style writing our own poems this week.

What if there were no clouds?

This half term we're expanding our knowledge of States of Matter (in Science) and linking this to our Geography knowledge by exploring water cycles, biomes, vegetation belts and climate zones. This will all be tied together through 'water' and the books 'Lila and the secret of rain' and 'Once upon a raindrop'. We are very excited to get started.


In English, we will also be writing poetry and diving deeper into stories from other cultures which we will be re-telling and innovating.


In Maths, we will begin with our second block on Multiplication and Division before turning to look at measurement (area) and then Fractions.


We will have topic homework this half term, information will go home shortly.


Continue to:

- read x4 a week minimum

- TTRS to improve your times tables knowledge

- practise your spellings


Dance: we will also have Dance again with Mrs Bathgate and I know the children are excited to being learning a new routine; the last was such a success!


The Year 4 team x

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