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Spring 1 - Would you like to be a pirate?

This term our Learning Challenge is ‘Would you like to be a pirate?’  We will be thinking scientifically and creatively!  Each week there will be an investigation, exploration or investigation to get us thinking scientifically plus activities to make us more ‘pirate’ like!  We will think about what pirates might look like, where they live, what they might do and what they act like!

Picture 1
Bees celebrated Chinese New Year on Friday 24th January. Bees ate noodles and prawn crackers. They wore hats and made lanterns.
Picture 1
Bees danced like dragons and fireworks on our celebration of Chinese New Year.
Picture 1 Bees made boats to test if they float or sink
Picture 2 Bees created paint pictures on Mini Mash