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Welcome to Stags' Spring blog page. Over this term, we will be exploring all things South America, awaken the forces in science, becoming superheroes and answering the question 'who lives the longest?'. Join us on our journey through Spring and into summer; keep visiting this page to keep up to date with all the happenings in Year 5!

Here we are presenting our absolutely EPIC superhero homework projects. Well done Stags!

Paralympic profiles being created as part of our 'superheroes' Learning Challenge

We are exploring Buddhism for RE week. Here we are acting out the story of the Buddha that we have explored and creating our own '5 moral precepts'

Translating shapes on quadrants

We learned about David Attenborough today in science and planned our own nature documentary (27.3.2017)

We created Barbara Kobylinska inspired centrepieces for the dining room during art week

The NSPCC came in and advised us on how to 'speak out and stay safe'

On Friday 10th March, we welcomed members of the NSPCC charity into our classroom to speak to us about speaking and staying safe. They gave us information on what to do if we have any worries; who we can talk to if we have any worries as well as shared stories with us about what is and what isn't OK. Why not ask us what we learned during that morning?

World Book Day in year 5!

What makes a superhero? Our new learning challenge got off to a flying start!

Cogs and Gears Science Day

As part of our school's partnership with The Ogden Trust, 3 of Y5's aspiring scientists attended a day's workshop at Nottingham Girls' High School.  They spent the day learning about cogs and gears.  They built a clock and experimented with pendulums.  The children involved had a great day and were excellent ambassadors for our school.  Miss Pearson, who accompanied them, was very proud of them all.

Holy persuasion! Batman is on hand to help with our persuasive writing (w/c 30.01.2017)

For our last big write of Spring 1; we are looking at persuasive texts explaining what we think should be done to overcome a dilemma. Currently, the Riddler has captured Robin and it is up to Batman to save him. Unfortunately, the Riddler put something in Batman's drink meaning he is very hazy AND the police took away the keys to the Batmobile! How will the caped crusader ever save his trusty side-kick?

'Momentos en Mexico' Top Valley Academy transition session 2 (26th January)

On the 26th January, we were invited to take part in a Mexican culture morning at Top Valley Academy. We had a great time. Whilst we were there, we learned some Spanish with Senior Neville and how the children in Spain experience school; we studied the Mexican 'Day of the Dead' in a Geography session with Mr. Steer; finally, we explored the history of Mexico and the Mexican flag with Mrs Wakefield! Above are some pictures of us creating our own skulls to celebrate Dia de Muertos! (Day of the dead)

Taking care of balloon animals and their eggs...

We had a special treat this week (16th January 2017) as we watched a video named 'Tumbleweed Tango' in English. It depicts 2 balloon animal dogs dancing the tango in a cactus field. Balloon animals love to dance. Coincidentally, Mr Hallam managed to stumble across a nest of balloon animal eggs and brought them in to us. We discussed how they need looking after and what they need to help them grow and thrive. To help other people how to care for them, we wrote information texts explaining the best way of caring for a balloon animal pet as well as their eggs. Hopefully, there won't be a repeat of Mr Hallam's misfortune with his balloon pet giraffe...

Using ICT to research and compare South America and the UK

Making parachutes to test air resistance

Another part of our science topic 'The Forces Awaken', was the exploration of air resistance. We looked at what air resistance is (feel free to ask us) and then how different variables can affect the outcome. As a way of testing it ourselves, and seeing it in action, we were challenged with making parachutes. We were going to test the theory that larger parachutes would take longer to hit the floor than smaller ones, as more air resistance is being created. To test them, we took our parachutes out onto the playground and dropped them from the tower. We then timed them and made a note of the results. Do you think our results matched the theory?

Testing gravitational force...

Our science topic for this half term is 'The forces awaken'- an exploration of forces in action. The first force we explored was gravity. We learned that gravity is a force that pulls us down to stop us floating away (we were quite surprised as we thought it pushed you down). We looked at how different objects fall at different speeds based on their mass because more gravitational force is required. To test this theory, we spent an afternoon dropping items of different mass to the floor to see how long it took them to fall. Above are some pictures of us testing the theory that a stick will fall faster than a leaf. Many of our predictions were correct!

Retelling a South American folk tale through drama

In English, we explored the South American folk tale 'The Wings of the Butterfly'. It is a tale about a young girl named Chimidyue who gets lost in the Amazon Rainforest and meets many wild and wonderful creatures on her journey home. Here, we are using freeze frames to recreate moments from the tale. When we performed these in front of an audience, we challenged them with guessing which part of the story was being recreated; after a few clues, many were correct.