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Year 4 enjoyed learning about Gymnastics with Miss Prendergast. They had to work in pairs and plan a sequence.
Handball lesson with Year 6 taken by Miss Prendergast
Dance partner work with Mrs Bathagate with Year 1
Some of Year 5 and 6 Pupils entered a Dance Celebration at Ellis Guildford School on Wednesday 6th February 2019. We had a fantastic time. Mrs Bathgate taught our performing dance at Dance After School Club on Wednesdays
Mr Simpson started After School Bike Club on with pupils from Year 5
Bees had a wonderful time biking with Mr Simpson. They played a warm up game first.
Butterflies have a great time with Mr Simpson on Fridays on the Keystage 1 playground

Westglade Primary school football team played two matches on 17th January 2019. 

Scores Rise Park 2-Westglade 2 

Southglade 2- Westglade 0

14th February 2019


Old Basford 1 -Westglade 2

Southglade 3 - Westglade 0

Miss Prendergast has started a Change for Life Club with some Westglade pupils on Tuesday Lunchtime.