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Spring 2

Homework Projects


Take a look at the amazing Parthenons we created as part of our Learning Challenge topic of 'Who were the Ancient Greeks?' We are extremely proud of them and they can be found on display in the corridor outside the KS2 Hall.

RE Week


This week Year 4 have been learning all about Judaism! As part of our learning, we looked at the Jewish festival of Passover or Pesach. Jewish people celebrate Passover to commemorate the liberation of The Children of Israel who were led out of Egypt by Moses and refers to the fact that God 'passed over' the houses of the Jews when he was slaying the firstborn of Egypt during the last of the ten plagues.


As part of the celebrations, Jewish people have a special family meal filled with symbolic foods placed on a Passover Seder plate. We designed our own plates and decorated them with the six different types of food, each one helping to remind us of the Passover story.



Today in Maths, Miss Taylor asked us to explore a variety of problems involving division. She wanted us to think carefully about how we reached the answer rather than racing through the problems. She asked us to represent the division problems in a variety of ways and this is what we came up with!



This half-term we have been focusing on Athletics. We have been thinking about how to improve our performance in a variety of running, jumping and throwing activities and about how to achieve the greatest speed, height, distance or accuracy.



In Maths this week we have been thinking about what we already know to help us solve different calculations! We realised that sometimes there are much quicker and more efficient methods that we can use to help us find an answer to a problem that we may be finding tricky!



We are growing peppers in Year 4! We planted our seeds this week and hopefully, once they have grown into seedlings, we will transfer them into some bigger pots ready to sell at the Summer Fair! We will continue to keep you updated on their progress!

Art Week


As part of Art Week, we have been looking at sculpture! We looked at the work of an artist called Barbara Kobylinska who inspired us to create our own 3D sculptures of birds, which we are going to use as centrepieces for the tables in the dining hall.



Today we got the Science equipment and had a play to see what we could learn! We were thinking about our Learning Challenge question 'How can we create a circuit?' Mrs Radmall and Mr Chambers taught us about all of the names of the different components and we used these to write labels to add to our Science display.


Once we had a play, we had some examples of different circuits to look at. We had to decide if the circuits were complete and incomplete and then test our predictions! Afterwards, we had to explain what we thought the differences were between a complete and an incomplete circuit.



This week we have been exploring feeling 'hopeful' and 'disappointed'. We worked in small groups to discuss feelings cards and talked about when we had felt these emotions and how they made our bodies feel. Miss Taylor showed us a picture of a giant present and we had to think about what we hoped would be inside. Afterwards, we thought about what we definitely wouldn't want it to be - new pants and socks and items of clothing seemed to be a popular answer!


We then used these discussions to look at how to turn 'hopeless' thoughts into 'hopeful' ones that we could use to help us with our learning! Take a look at what we came up with below!



In Maths this week, we created fraction number lines and learnt how to count up and down in halves, quarters, thirds and fifths! After we have completed our fraction number lines, we explored looking at proper and improper fractions and how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers!

Learning Challenge


Today we have been thinking about how our knowledge of the past is constructed. We became real life archaeologists when we had to examine ancient Greek artefacts. We discussed what we thought they were, what they were made from and what we thought it might tell us about life in Ancient Greece. 



In Owls this week, we have been learning about decimals and fractions. So far, we have counted up and down in tenths and hundredths and impressed Miss Taylor, Mrs Radmall and Mr Smyth when we were able to identify missing numbers on decimal number lines! We have also looked at how to convert between decimal numbers and fractions. Today, we explored the terms numerator and denominator while playing an expressing fractions game. We had to be the first to shade 5 in a Row - see how we got on!

Exciting Electricity


In Science, we will be looking at Electricity! We will be thinking about everyday appliances that use electricity and discovering how to create simple circuits using wires, lamps, bulbs, cells and more and start to recognise materials that are conductors or insulators. During this topic, we will also think about the dangers of electricity and how to keep ourselves and others safe.

Learning Challenge


This half-term we will be leaning all about the Ancient Greeks! We will be studying Greek life and achievements and the influence that they have had on modern society through looking at things such as democracy, the olympic games and even fashion! We will try to understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed through becoming archaeologists and examining ancient artefacts!